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360 New Media gets your business listed on the right online directories and monitors your performance against your competitors . It's also an important factor in achieving good local online visibility and search engine rankings.

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Our Local Search Marketing Service gets you listed on the right directories.

Example Citation Report:

Why are Online Directories Important?

Directories and getting your business listed is a big part of Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Having your business visible on the right directories not only aids visibility but contributes to your ranking on the major search engines like Google.

These days these are called ‘Citations’ and they’re becoming increasingly important.

Wherever potential customers look for you the more your business will be visible online – review sites, local location services, online maps, social media – are all types of web directories, and the more of these you are listed on, the more your business will be found by potential customers.

Facebook, TripAdvisor, Bing, Yelp, Apple, Yahoo, and Yell are just a few of the many directories that 360 New Media’s Local Directory Boost will need you listed on to make sure you can be found easily.

Not only do they make your business more visible, local listings are also a vital part of how a business ranks in online searches – in other words, the right directory, correct listing of your business will aid higher search engine results.

Step 1 – You provide your business information.

Step 2 – We’ll analyse your current Local Search position.

Step 4 – 360 New Media will submit your business to the major online directories.

Step 5 – We manually verify your business listings.

Step 6 – We manually verify your online Maps listings.

Step 7 – Monitor and maintain your listings

Result! – Your business will be boosted across Google and other major search engines achieving higher ranking positions.

We take the time consuming hassle out of creating individual listings by boosting your business to more than online directories, ensuring the correct details about your business online